Intro to ‘The Lady’

He watched the ores as they splashed into the water. He was making his way to the spot in the lake Myra had told him about. His wife was sitting across from him, but he wouldn’t look at her; couldn’t look at her. She was wearing her nice red dress today and she’d taken the time to curl her long, blond, hair. She had said she was leaving, she knew about her. She was done.
Well he couldn’t have that. They needed her to stay. One way or another.
He stopped rowing and finally made himself look at her. Her eye was black, her makeup was ruined from the tears and the rope was cutting into her skin.
He smiled sadly at her. “Ya’ know you had to die someday, right? Not everyone can live forever.”
Her eyes widen as fear began to overtake her and she began trying to cry for help again. He grabbed the anchor and began trying to attach it to her, she kicked wildly.
He grabbed her shoulders and shook “If you keep this up Maggs I’ll have to hit you again!”
The fight quickly left her and she began to gently cry.
After he finished attaching the anchor; he stood her up and hugged her.
“I just have no choice in the matter Maggs. I love you, but I have to do this for her, you understand that don’t you?” He sighed, pulling away from her, “I’ll always think of you.”
And with that he pushed her over the edge and then tossed the anchor after her. He watched her terrified green eyes, as her hair seemed to reach up around her for help, catching only the sun’s rays, until he couldn’t see her anymore. He stared awhile longer as the waters began to calm.
“James!” A woman’s voice called. He looked over to the cabin on the island. There was the women he loved, Myra, waiting for him and he smiled as he began to row over to her.

Chapter 1


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