Advice- Using Sticky notes as stepping stones.


You have a great idea! You can think of a few, key, awesome scenes and you begin to brainstorm. Only to find as you go that a few ideas aren’t quite right and it seems like somethings missing. Should girl meet boy 1 and then boy 2? But what about the girl 2s scene with boy 1? Could that happen first? Your plot lines making less and less sense and you’re getting tired of the scribbles getting more and more entwined.
With that, I’d like to introduce you to sticky notes. As you can see from the picture above, you can jot down quick plot points on your notes, place them on your pre-determined plot line and work from there.
Plot point doesn’t make since? Set it to the side. Have an awesome plot idea and nowhere to put it? Jot it down and look for a place as you go. Perhaps you have some good ideas and realize they take away from your current book. Save them for a different one, perhaps even a sequel! Having an easy to move plot point system can make brainstorming painless and, when you change your mind while writing, painless to re-plot. If you haven’t tried sticky notes, I highly recommend them. They don’t have to be detailed, they can even be pictures. As an extra tip, you can use a poster board for different books. Lets be honest, maybe 1 out of 10 of us are only working on one idea at a time. Have fun; be creative and be unhindered! 😀 Sticky notes to the rescue!


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