Short Moments-River


The warmth from the sun kissed their shoulders as they walked down the path to the river. Charlie had been excited all day about going to swim and, after they’d finished chores, they had headed out.
“Look, Riley! The river!” Charlie cried happily as se picked up ses pace. Charlies shoulder length hair dancing in the sun’s rays. Riley rolled ses eyes, but couldn’t hold back a smile. Even though Riley had better things to do, seeing Charlie so happy was worth it.
So for the rest of the afternoon, they played. They caught frogs, swam, tossed mud balls and did anything else they could think of before heading home.
“Thanks for coming out here with me.” Charlie said, casting ses eyes to the side. “I know you had other things you wanted to do.”
Riley continue to smile, it seemed like se’d been smiling the whole time. “Don’t worry, it was worth it. I love hanging out with you.”
Charlies eyes quickly met ses to check for sincerity and, when se found it, ses childish, happy smile quickly came back.
“Thanks Riley.”
“No problem, we best get back home.”
And with that, they made their way back down the path.

Thank you for reading my short moment. I was practicing the use of se, my gender neutral wording. Please let me know what you think and leave any ideas you may have to improve this writing style!
Daily Prompt: Playful


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