Short Moments- Something


‘I need something to do.’ Harper thought as se leaned se head back to stare at the ceiling before closing ses dark brown eyes.
“Why don’t you go for a walk?” An irritated voice volunteered and, after a moment of their suggestion being ignored, Harper felt a sharp flick hit es forehead.
“What’d ya have to do that for Reagan?!” Se demanded, massaging the offended spot.  Reagan looked at es bordly. Placing ses hands on ses hips.
“You were the one being rude.” Se said “All you had to do was say no if you didn’t want to. Instead you acted like a brat, just like you always do.”
Harper felt anger clawing its way up ses back and quickly stood up to leave the room.
“What, running?” Reagan casted a nasty smile ses way. Regan had always been taller, stronger.
‘I might act like a brat sometimes.’ Harper thought to eself ‘But at least I’m not a bully.’ Clenching ses hands, Harper quickly left the room before Reagan could try and press anymore of es buttons.

I tried using se a lot more in this short moment compared to the last. Because of it, I have updated ‘About Se’ to reflect it. If you have any thoughts on this technique please leave it in the comments. Thank you for taking the time to read ‘Something’!


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