The Lady- Chapter 1

Jessica gazed out the car window, tapping her fingers idly. Jack had been ecstatic when he’d found out about inheriting his uncles lake house. Never mind he’d only meant the man once and, from what she’d learned at the small, formal, invitation only funeral, had been a hermit. An incredibly wealthy, hermit. No one knew where his riches had come from, nor had anyone,but Jacks father, seen or heard from the man ever since his wife had passed away all those years ago. It was a cause for concern. Concern for everyone but Jack. Who had tried to reassure her that the lake house was, as he put it, awesome.
Her brown eyes drifted over at him. He was smiling, bobbing his head to the music, the reddish brown curls lagging behind. He really needed a haircut. But she smiled at him. Part of his charm was his carefree nature.
Her thoughts began to wander, ‘I wonder when we have kids if they’ll be blond like me or…’
“What?” He asked, his smile spreading to his eyes as he peeked a few glances her way.
“Just enjoying the view.” She teased, looking back out the window. “How much farther is the town?”
“Don’t Worry.” He said focusing back on the road “There’s a little restaurant there we can eat at. So you won’t starve.”
Jessica pouted out her lip as she continued to look out the window. “That’s not why I was asking.”
“Right, sure it wasn’t.” He teased at her, letting his hand rest on her thigh. “We haven’t eaten since this morning. I’m actually impressed you haven’t started asking to stop for food.”
“We’ll, you did say this place has really good food.” She mumbled, thinking of the two times she had asked to stop for food on the way there.
“And that they do! I remember my dad taking me out to the lakes up here all the time when I was younger and we’d always go to The Barrel afterwards. It’s an awesome place.”
“I’m surprised you didn’t get to see your uncle more. Seeing how you guys were out here so often.”
“Yeah,” He said scratching at his chin “I think my dad was hoping that we’d be able to see him, but my uncle seemed to always be out at the cabin. He never came up to the house. Not even when we visited. It was kinda weird. I don’t think he would have even talked to my dad if he hadn’t been so persistent.”
“Maybe losing his wife was too hard on him.” She offered as they passed the welcome sign declaring they’d made it to Crystal “Her name was Maggie right?”
“Yeah, dad said she went by Maggs. From her pictures at the house, I can see that happening. She was H.O.T.”
Jessica rolled her eyes as she quickly slapped him. He mocked an ow as he rubbed his arm and pulled into the restaurant.
“Here it is,” He said putting the car in park. “The Barrel!”


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