Poem- I Need A Dream

I need a goal. I need a dream. But what? I’m not quite sure. So how am I to make my way? What, should I do now? It’s easy to list the things, I’d never want to do. But when I think of the things I want. None of them will do. I could never…

Poem-So We Named It

We cannot see the wind. We only see how it tugs at our hair. We feel how it caresses our skin. But it is there. We know that it is. Something does these things. And so we named it wind. Wind

Chapter 7- Captive Still

I’m awaken with a jolt when the larger man lifts me and tosses me back onto the horse. It knocks the air from my lungs and I’m terrified of the horse jolting me around again. I feel like I’ll fall apart. I wait in agony and, much too soon, the horse begins to walk. It’s…

Poem- But Still, I know.

I feel a tugging at my heart. A darkness in my spirit. But still, I know you’re there. I look for you. Search everywhere. But still, I do not see you. I reach for you. Feel around. But still, I can not touch you. I shout for you. Cry out your name. But still, you…

Poem-You Criticize?

Who are you to criticize me? For sins you don’t know, belong to me. Your assumptions and accusations are pompous and amusing. Do you really think your closet door, Was locked when you last left it? Your own sins, have tumbled out. They are scattered all around. You foolishness has made you blind. Your pride…

Poem- Hold Me Close

Hold me close as this world crumbles. As the fires, fly around us. As the winds of life, pull us apart. Hold me close. Cling to me, as I cling to you. That through these battles. Through the warfare and trials of this life. We will always feel the comfort of one anothers touch. And…

Reading A Book

We all have had one, or many, books that have made us feel EXACTLY like this! I thought it was so awesome to see someone really embody the spirit of being a true book worm! Plus Julian Smith has lots of other awesome, funny stuff! Do any of you have something that happens to you…

Poem- Cherish You

I cherish you my love, Each and every day. From a feathered touch. To a mesmerizing kiss. A quick ‘I love you’. To whispered pillow talk. In all of these and so much more. I cherish you my love.

Poem: Generally

I generally don’t ask for help. But, when I do, I generally get general advice. That’s, general, not useful in the least. Thank you my love for your random prompt word of ‘General’.


There’s one hundred fifty one. To master and catch. I will be the very best.

Poem-Ode: No Time

Bills to pay. House to clean. Repairs to do. Calls to make. I wish I could be carefree. Oh how I wish, for that luxury. But there’s no time for it. I have things to do, people to see. There’s no time for it. I must get on with it. I dream of those days….