Chapter 4- Stolen Dreams

I awake screaming. The blankets are ripped away from me and I can’t tell if it’s day or night with the sack over my head.
I scream for my father, for Markus, thrashing as hard as I can. Fighting against the ropes that are being tied around my wrists and legs. I hear crashes, my fathers enraged yells. Everything is so loud. Overwhelming. I can only hear my screams as I’m tossed over a shoulder.
“Shut her up!” Someone yells over the noise. I feel someone grab my hand and suddenly my screams are mute. Nothing comes out.
It causes me to be smothered by the silence. Where is my father?
“A shame we don’t have time to bag him up.” Another voice comments. “We could present the king with a Danesa as well.”
I’m being taken down the stairs. I can feel my throat burning from my silent screams.
“We don’t have time.” The man carrying me growls. “We need to get her back before she catches up.”
I hear the other mans’ steps behind me, acknowledging his agreement.
I still continue to fight. It is useless. His arms are like the limbs of the trees I use to climb. But I have to try. I have to make breakfast in the morning, practice dancing for the party, I’m going to go to the sweets shop with Markus! My muted screams have turned to silent sobs, cries for my life. It is not lost! It can’t be lost!
The glint of a silver tooth mocks me. What have I done?


Chapter 5 – Captive

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