Poem- Why can’t you find me?


I’m waiting in darkness.
For you to rescue me.
The clock ticks, on and on.
Why can’t you find me?

Now I grow impatient.
I begin to feel like ice.
I won’t last for much longer.
Are you close? I wonder.

I force myself to move.
I need to escape.
If you won’t come and find me,
Well that is your mistake.

My nails break on the walls.
I scramble to get out.
I will have to find a way.
I will save myself.

I am drawing closer.
I see a distant light.
Finally I’m freed.
Warmth a sweet delight.

Even here I wonder.
Where you must have gone.
How could you not find me?
I wasn’t very far.

So I stand and brush away
The dirt, the rocks and pain.
I will come and find you.
I will find out why.


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