Poem- Never Meant To Climb.

There’s a sadness in my heart. It doesn’t have a name. There are just to many things That haven’t gone my way. I miss the simple dream; That any wish can come true. With hard work and dedication You will find your way through. But no one thought to tell me  Or warn me of…

Poem- Bloom

Why do you focus on one petal when I am in full bloom?

Poem- Whispers Of Death

He taps upon my shoulder. A smile on his lips. Whispering the reasons I need not to exist.

Poem- Drowning Gambler

I don’t have a problem; I know that I will win. If I play a few more times. I will get to win. See! I just won a little, not quite what I have lost. But I’m sure if I keep on going, I’ll win without a doubt. It’s really simple math you see, Someone…

Poem-I need the opportunity

If you expect the worse from me and stop my every path. How can you expect me to do anything but less? I want to have a good life, I have hopes and dreams as well. But without the opportunities, I have no choices, can’t you tell? I’m not asking for a hand out. I…


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Poem- Think Not

Remember not the yesterdays. Think not about today. Focus on your future and the decisions you must make. Plan your future actions. Decide whom you shall be. Deciding now will make it easier you see.

Poem- If I Am Gone.

A poem outlining the hope I have for my husbands happiness if I were to pass away before him.

Poem- You’d Be Better Off

I wonder how you’d be, if I was just gone. A part of me believes, that you’d be better off. However I am selfish. My love for you’s to strong. So everyday I hope, that you will not find out. How better off you’d be, if simply I was gone.

Poem- I Can’t Come Tonight

These days they seem so lonely. Now that you are gone. We’ve always been together. We’ve never wandered far. But now that I must travel, Alone and on my own. My memories they battle, the longings of my heart. I wish for you each morning. I cry for you each night. I wish I could…

Top Three Poems- July

Top Three Poems- July 1. Ode To Pokemon Go 2. Hold Me Close 3. Why Can’t You Find Me Thank you to everyone that has been taking the time to visit my site Jotabouts! I’ve decided to start doing these ‘Top Three Poems’ at the end of the month so everyone can know what the…