Poem- If I Am Gone.

If there ever comes a day
when I am simply gone.
I hope you do not dwell on me
longer than you ought.
I know you’ll have to cry.
I know you’ll have to mourn.
But promise me my love
that these days will be short.

For though it’s not yet happen,
and I hope that it does not,
I would like to think you smiling
even if I’m gone.

You’ll still deserve a family.
A kind and loving wife.
Perhaps a few additions,
a joyful happy life.

So, when you are finally ready,
To move on with your life,
I would like to give you
some simple, quick, advice.
She and I are not the same
compare my memory not to her.
Love her as she is, not for what you hoped.

Know that I’ll be happy,
that you have a friend.
Someone who will care for you and love you as I planned.

Hopefully it never happens.
But if it does, just know.
I will always love you.
I will cherish you both.


2 Comments Add yours

    1. jotabouts says:

      Thank you! I was reflecting today on how, when we loose someone, it’s normally so sudden and unexpected. Because of this, I wanted to write something for him just in case. Thank you for stopping by and I’m glad you liked it c:


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