Poem- Never Meant To Climb.

There’s a sadness in my heart.

It doesn’t have a name.

There are just to many things

That haven’t gone my way.

I miss the simple dream;

That any wish can come true.

With hard work and dedication

You will find your way through.

But no one thought to tell me 

Or warn me of the walls.

The ones that misdirect you

The ones that cut you off.

And when you reach the top

Of the mountains you never meant to climb

That you could look behind you 

And see mountains you couldn’t climb.

There’s no point looking back

But still I stop and stare.

The colors of their setting sun

Brighter than I dared.

So before I am blinded

By the loss and dispaer. 

I force myself to look away.

Pretend that I don’t care.

But the loss of so many dreams
Becomes a loss of hope.

It’s clear to see the mountains ahead

Are darker than they look.


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