Story Stew #1 Power

Beneath the calm surface a twinkle caught his eye.
For there, lost in the murk of the lakes bottom
was something that, simply, did not belong.
Rolling his worn sleeve, he dip his arm as deep as he could.
Wondering if he had found it.
Could it really have been so close all this time?
The jolt of ice that raced up his arm, and through what felt to be his soul,
confirmed it.
Glancing around to ensure he was still alone; he slowly pulled it out of the lake
Not from fear, not even from joy.
But from power.


Thought I’d try something new today because i couldn’t really think of a poem based on today’s prompt word that would have been any good. Thus the introduction of a new category on my site. Story Stew. Where I can put together short pieces that I may be able to use later.

Thanks for checking it out and I hope you’ll check out my site!
Rebecca Cotes


3 Comments Add yours

  1. kurtislunz says:

    Nice. That’s a catchy title; it drew me in because one of my favorite songs is “Memphis Soul Stew”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. jotabouts says:

      I’ve never heard of them, though I’m terrible at band names. What type of music do they play?


      1. kurtislunz says:

        That’s the name of the song. The group was King Curtis and the Kingpins. It was an old blues and soul music type of group I guess.

        Liked by 1 person

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