Writers Block- Kinda

Just a reminder that if anyone wants something critiqued, send me a line. I’m not great for spelling/ grammar, but I’d be happy to give you my thoughts and opinions to use as you see fit. (Even if it involves a trash can *Gasp*)
To my wonderful followers; I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything on my blog in AGES!
It’s really very sad to see my views and everything be so low and I feel terrible for all of you who are so kind to be be following me and I know it’s my own fault.
Sadly, when it comes to my poems, I’ve run into writers block D: So I’m currently tapping out terrible, poems that are quickly deleted. I’m probably saving your life.
I would like to update my readers of ‘The Denesa’s Daughter’, formerly known as Snow, that it’s coming along well and that I’ve been making changes, adding chapters and creating better visuals, I hope, to what I already have online.
I hope to finish with these changes towards the end of the month and get everything¬† updated ASAP and, when it’s done, I’d love any feedback you have.
Thank you all for your support and I hope to have some worthy material to post for you all soon!


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