Story Stew #3-Lovers storm

The brisk wind caused his bones to rattle as he pulled his lover closer to him as they continued their travels. It had been their only choice, their only hope to be together, to leave during the middle of the storm. But even he could feel the burden of staying calm weighing on them as they continued on the path their guide had directed. The guide who should have came for them by now.
Hearing a snap, he pulled her back to him and stood still. ‘Was that him?’ he wondered, straining to hear more over the howling wind.
“Taris?” His lovers shaky voice called out.
“You seem lost.” A sing song voice commented from behind; as they both turned in surprise.
Before them stood a beautiful woman in an equally beautiful long, yellow dress that danced in the winds that surrounded them. Her black skin seemed to almost glow and she reminded him of a star, a black star dancing in a white sky.

Thank you for reading a piece from my story stew selection!


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