Invitation To Forget

I invite you to forget,

The day you wish to fade.

The one that darkens memories,

The one that causes pain.

Now look around you slowly.

Think, for just a time.

Does the loss of such a memory,

Calm your tortured mind?

Or Perhaps now you’re plagued 

By questions of what once was?

Are you searching madly,

Wondering what it was?

So let me ask you now,

A simple question true.

Is it better to remember,

Or to wonder what you knew?


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ms Skyfall says:

    It better to remember… Always…


    1. jotabouts says:

      Honestly, I think so to, but I think there’s always that small (sometimes big) temptation. That question of ‘would it be better to not know?’ Scratching at the back of your mind.

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      1. Ms Skyfall says:

        It would be just downright annoying to wonder… There are far too many possibilities and options…. Both negative and positive… It is tempting, you are right… But it is a relief to know… And maddening not to know…


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