NOW WRITE! exercise 1

I picked up a book from the library called ‘NOW WRITE!-fiction writing exercises from today’s best writers & teachers and thought I’d start working my way though it. The book gives information about each of the writers who created the exercise and some of their own advice. So, even if you decide to follow the quick explanation I give as I go, I highly recommend checking it out for yourself. Let’s get started with today’s exercise!

Wedding picture
Select a wedding photo (any will do) and write a one page, or less, of fiction.
(I didn’t have a picture, so I just made up one in my head. But you could search some if you need to)

I take in a deep breath of the cool ocean breeze as I pictured the sand between my toes, my white dress falling off like petals, as I escape back into the sea. But, as the piano begins, I know I will never return.
I begin my walk towards my husband to be as I think of everything I’ve lost. How I’ll never swim through the darkened ships or finish exploring the labyrinth of tunnels near my home. How worried my mother must be and how hurt…
No. I decide. Lifting my hardened eyes to meet those of the man who has trapped me. His triumphant smile wavers and turns quickly into concern as I cast him a dark smile.
Though he has my pelt. Though I must marry him because of it. It does not mean it must be pleasant for him. Oh no. On the contrary.
I will make it hell.

If you decide to do the exercise yourself, I’d love if you’d make a ping of it in the comments so I can check yours out 😀

Thanks for taking the time to read through this!


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