Now Write- Exercise 2:1/7

This next exercise is a little more detailed so I would highly recommend to check the book out for yourself once again. But if not here’s the main idea:

Write in first perspective.
Write through a character that is similar to you (age, gender and so forth) But remember they are not you.

“You awake abruptly, though it isn’t morning, and you’re not in a bed. But you are in a place where you live. The room where you awake is right in objects and their associations. You are breathless and anxious from a dream you can’t, won’t, remember. You look around the room, everything in it is shaped by an unspecified anxiety. Let’s see the room, in the moment, through your senses.” (Now Write, edited by Sherry Ellis pg6)

I take a startled breath as I sit up and look around the room. The same, cheap room I’ve been sleeping in for the last few weeks. The smell of mildew and cigarettes seems to stick to everything and almost every surface has a disgusting film on it. But I wont focus on that. I’m only here to research, plan, plan to… I push the sudden fear and hesitation back where it belongs and allow my anger to fill me with it’s warm comforting embrace as I stand and stretch. Letting my eyes rest on the one photo I brought with me. Her photo. The reason I have to do this, not just for her, but to protect others like her.


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