Now Write exercise 2:2/7

Today we’re just going to continue with the exercise we started last time as we move on to step 2.

Continuing from where we left off.
“One object in particular catches your attention and suggests a strong connection to your anxiety. Move towards that object: touch it, experience it sensually.”(Now Write, edited by Sherry Ellis pg6)

I let my fingers graze her photo as bitter sweet memories overtake me. Laughing as she pointed at the happy animals in her book with excitement as I read to her. Searching for her when she became much to quiet and finding her hidden in a corner, figures and lips covered in chocolate from the candy she’d found. All of it only to be followed by cords and tubes. Sickening smiles from doctors, all of them with different opinions. Different information. None of them working together for her. And then she was gone. Just gone.

What do you guys think of her so far?
Thanks for reading through and I’ll be here tomorrow to get through steps three and four!


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