Now Write! exercise 2:3-4/7

So today we’re going to try and breeze through a couple of the steps to this exercise and see how my character develops. Don’t forget to let me know how yours is going!

#3 “The item evokes a memory as vivid as a dream but not the one you woke from. it is a real memory, one based on wanting, desiring,something. But this is a surface thing you want- an object, a gesture, a touch, whatever. Focus on the moment-to-moment, specific memory of desiring this thing, which, nevertheless, carries an intimation of deeper yearning. But don’t go to that deeper desire yet. Experience the surface thing through just your characters sensibility.”(Now Write, edited by Sherry Ellis pg7)

If you’re following my blog posts so far, I actually did this in step 2, I was suppose to describe it sensually, so it’s my bad. But I’ll just move onto 4. Remember, when you’re working through things like this to improve your writing, not to get discouraged if you don’t follow it exactly. We’re all working to get better, so just keep doing your best!

#4 “Now let this memory of this want include a moment when a second memory is evoked. This second memory involves another object different from the one you are touching in the present time but similar to it in its basic sensual pattern. This second memory surprises you. You deeply connect it to the first. And the wanting suddenly goes deeper, into a state of being, a state of self. Don’t label it. Play it out in the moment though the senses.” (Now Write, edited by Sherry Ellis pg7)

This, I believe, I also did in my last blog post. I guess I got way ahead of myself or I’m misinterpreting what the exercise is trying to encourage me to do! If anyone out there is reading this, let me know what you think. Did I get ahead of myself or am I confused? I’d also really love to know if anyone else is working though this book right now.

Hope to hear from you guys


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