Haiku- Lost Truth

Ruled by money, opinions and self-importance. Truth is easily lost For their profits, entertainment and promotions. corruption Rebecca Cotes Advertisements

Story Stew #1 Power

Beneath the calm surface a twinkle caught his eye. For there, lost in the murk of the lakes bottom was something that, simply, did not belong. Rolling his worn sleeve, he dip his arm as deep as he could. Wondering if he had found it. Could it really have been so close all this time?…

Poem- Shattered

And with one word, no matter how simple it had seemed, their world shattered. By, Rebecca Cotes Thank you for taking the time to checkout my poetry! I hope you’ll also visit my site Jotabouts.wordpress.com to see more.

Poem- Forever Loved

For I have loved you always and I will love you forever. Thank you for taking the time to check out this poem and I hope you stop over at my blog to see the others! Rebecca Cotes

Poem- Oblivious Beauty

Just as the sunrise is overwhelmed by the beauty that she lights up; So too is a beautiful woman whose kindness brightens the world around her. Working on making my other poems pin ready as well! I’d love to have you visit and leave a like or comment so I can do the same for…

Pin A Poem- Whispers Of Death

Jotabouts.wordpress.com I’ve started recreating some of my poems into a something you can pin on Pinterest! Let me know what you think and thank you to everyone! UPDATE! I figured out how to use the app to update my old posts so that you wont all get flagged every-time I do one! That would have…

Mistakes We’ve Made

When I say the word “criminal” what picture do you paint in your mind? Is it a felon behind prison bars? A thief, sneaking into a home; perhaps at the store, slipping something into their purse? Maybe you see something worse. Perhaps you see the face of someone from your memories. Regardless of who you…

Symbolism- Dancing Leafs.

Like girls before a grand ball. They drown themselves in silks dyed of the brightest yellows, oranges and reds. Shivering in anticipation; they wait for the dance to begin. Then slowly it starts. A few wispy lads twirl away with a few. And before long, the gallant gentlemen are sweeping the ladies away. Faster and…

Poem- Never Meant To Climb.

There’s a sadness in my heart. It doesn’t have a name. There are just to many things That haven’t gone my way. I miss the simple dream; That any wish can come true. With hard work and dedication You will find your way through. But no one thought to tell me  Or warn me of…

Poem- Bloom

Why do you focus on one petal when I am in full bloom?

Poem- Whispers Of Death

He taps upon my shoulder. A smile on his lips. Whispering the reasons I need not to exist.