Nana and Papa

I knew this day would come, But I had planned so far ahead. That we would still be talking and meeting like old friends. To sit outside with Papa And learn to fix the truck. To hear of all your worries. And to laugh and joke about. But all of this is gone now. They’re…

Moments of Fear.

“It’s hard for me to stay.” He said to me today. And I was at a loss for words. I knew not what to say. I thought of all the trials. The fights we’ve had to fight. I understand our life’s been hard. But our loves been there, right? So I closed my eyes and…

Chains of Love

As the chains of love grow heavy, I begin to realize they are pulled down by your disappointments and exhastion at my inability to be what you expect.  To be what you need. And as I try to stay standing.  To do what you ask of me. I feel myself shrinking, weakening. With only the…

Invitation To Forget

I invite you to forget, The day you wish to fade. The one that darkens memories, The one that causes pain. Now look around you slowly. Think, for just a time. Does the loss of such a memory, Calm your tortured mind? Or Perhaps now you’re plagued  By questions of what once was? Are you…

Starting again

And though my path is laid hidden between the rocks, the trees and over rivers and oceans.  At least I can now see the start, the beginning that I believed was no longer there after being lost for so long. 

Poem- inspired 

I wish i was inspired By photos of healthy, fit, women The way I am By photos of cakes and desserts 


Nothing is a truly new. There is always a certain type of problem, Specific types of people and few outcomes. However, the combinations are endless And that is what makes a story. That is what makes us unique.  

Poem-World I Wish To Live In

You are the world I wish to live in. Where the showers are your kisses, The warming light is your embrace, and shivers are caused by your touch. Any ideas of what might make for a good picture to go with this? None of my pictures call out to me and I’m having a hard…

Haiku- Lost Truth

Ruled by money, opinions and self-importance. Truth is easily lost For their profits, entertainment and promotions. corruption Rebecca Cotes

Poem- Shattered

And with one word, no matter how simple it had seemed, their world shattered. By, Rebecca Cotes Thank you for taking the time to checkout my poetry! I hope you’ll also visit my site to see more.